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Job Position: Associate

Job Location: 6125 Washington Blvd, Suite 300, Culver City, CA 90232

Job Duties:

  • Securitize real estate loans and construct comprehensive cashflow models to analyze implication of various operating scenarios and financing structures on pro forma leverage capacity, free cash flow underwriting, and debt to pay down ability;
  • Analyze structured products (RMBS, CMBS, CLO) issuances and other capital market data on Bloomberg terminal system;
  • Conduct financial/economic research and publish reports on publicly traded real estate securities (REITs) and general securities for investors;
  • Analyze large data sets on historical real estate investments using programming methods such as Python, R, and advanced excel functions;
  • Track record of maintaining relationships with REITs and institutional investors in New York to share perspective on industry and explain real estate investments;
  • Use competency in capital markets and legal frameworks to compile required regulatory filings with the governing bodies and update firm’s investors;
  • Research and Analyze real estate, financial/economic and legal documents such as loan agreements, deeds, appraisals, asset summary reports, insurance, and engineering documents;
  • Value existing real estate properties and future investments using valuation methods such as cash flow underwriting, comparable analysis, and precedent transaction analysis.

Requirements: A U.S Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics or Mathematics; One (1) year of experience in the job offered or as an Analyst engaged in the functions of securitizing, underwriting, conducting financial/economic research, publicly traded securities, and capital markets. One (1) year experience must include securitizing loans backed by multiple asset classes (multifamily, office, retail, mixed use, hotels) and using Bloomberg terminal or similar capital market data provider software; Must have strong quantitative analytical skills and knowledge in Python, and R, Stata or Excel to analyze data sets and automate tasks; Must have excellent research skills and developing communication (both written and verbal) skills; Must have the ability to work independently and multi-task.

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