A rehabilitation loan allows homeowners to purchase and renovate their home through a single mortgage. Through this loan, homeowners are able to finance their purchase of the home and its required renovations all in one. Also known as the FHA 203(k) rehab loan, this loan allows for convenience. Moreover, the 203k loan makes life much easier for home buyers by calculating all the costs upfront. This allows the guesswork and possibility of overspending to be obsolete. Moreover, it also  reduces the chance that homeowners will be paying more than they have in their pockets. The rehabilitation loan has allowed prospective home buyers to be comfortable with purchasing “fixer-upper” homes that can be resold onto the housing market. In the context of Los Angeles, these rehab loans can prove even more beneficial.


There are a variety of reasons as to why individuals choose to receive a rehabilitation loan. The main reasons include: for their own homes and for investments. The rehab loan is convenient to those who purchase a home that looks less than desirable. Furthermore, it allows them to buy a new home and ensure that it will be renovated in the way the homeowners imagined it to be. Secondly, the rehab loan can be helpful to investors. Investors seeking to get their foot in the real estate market can use this loan to their advantage. By investing in homes that many would not purchase and choosing to renovate, investors can put these homes back onto the market at a higher price. As a result, these investors can experience high rates of return on their investments and large profit margins.


For those in need of a rehabilitation loan, Sunset Equity Group can meet your financial needs. From the perspective of a prospective homeowner in Los Angeles, these rehab loans are especially helpful considering the wide variety of homes available. By purchasing a “fixer-upper” home in a desired neighborhood, homeowners can avoid dropping big bucks for an already renovated home. Moreover, the same situation for investors can be very helpful. Many are willing to pay large sums of money for beautiful homes in desired neighborhoods, ideal for investors. We work to provide the funds and equip you with information that help determine how much return on your investment you can receive. It is no reason why the amount received on an investment is often heavily determined on the capabilities of the investor.

Benjamin Donel, CEO

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