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Avoid These Four Pitfalls of Residential Hard Money Investing

It’s not surprising that every hard money lenders could run into problems when purchasing their own properties, even for those experienced investors. The most common situation is that you purchase the wrong property at the wrong time and/or at the wrong price. Don’t worry if this situation has happened to you. Take time to assess your property carefully and thoroughly to get rid of the four main pitfalls which limit your success on the property investment.

Sticking With Markets That Don’t Deliver

Undoubtedly past success on your property investment may lead you to stick with the same market to copy and paste your past success. However, if the market is not promising any more, don’t hesitate to move on to conquer a new market. The beginning is always the hardest, so try to do a detailed research of the markets with rising property values and promising sales presence within competitive market regions. Even though the past market does not deliver now, your tried-and-true practices of renovating your houses and managing your properties can be duplicated in a right way.

Over Optimism

To invest in the property market, a certain amount of optimism is a must. However you need to distinguish the fine line between being optimistic and being unrealistic about your evaluations of investments’ prospects in the future. 

Try to avoid the scenarios when you only assume the best cases instead of taking those less desirable scenarios into consideration. Being realistic means that you have a full understanding of the potential gains and losses and will prepare both financially and psychologically if the outcomes fall short of your most optimal projections.  

Spending Inappropriately

Renovating your property is indeed a costly expense. Keep in mind that you do not overspend on this process which will cut off a large portion of your profits. However on the other side, too limited renovation budget could be harmful too. You really don’t expect your property to be tagged as “too old to sell”.

Accordingly, it’s important to find the balance point, where you can spend the smallest amount of money on renovations to achieve the optimal asking price that the market expects.

Conducting Inadequate Research

Even the most experienced investors could fail in a property investment without adequate research. Reflect on your past investment experiences — have you ever over-evaluated a market because of a piece of inspiring news or some local scuttlebutt without verifying its authenticity and accuracy?

Do not overlook the basics, hard money lenders. If you have once succeeded in your past property investments, track and follow the steps within which doing adequate research should be a key step.

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