Flexible Options and Terms

Whether it’s a home purchase or a large scale commercial project refinance, we can help.


General Terms and Conditions

No Prepayment Penalties

Rates From 7.99%

Terms Up To 36 Months

Origination Fees From 1.75%

We have some of the most favorable terms in the industry and understand how important it is to offer our clients fair terms.  Our customers can count on never having to be penalized for paying off a loan early or be hassled with “junk fees” and ridiculous terms.  Call or apply now and see just how great our terms are.  It’s fast, easy and most important- free!  

NOTE: All loans are secured by real estate only.

Experience Matters

Since its inception in 2007, Sunset Equity has funded  millions of dollars in loans secured by real estate.  As a direct, licensed hard money lender, our clients can count on us to deliver fair terms and fund quickly.  We work with all types of borrowers and understand even the most complex scenarios.   In most cases, Sunset Equity is much faster and cost-effective than the competition.  We have the capital, expertise, and knowledge to fund your residential or commercial hard money loan.

Sunset Equity is a direct premier hard money lender that utilizes its own investor capital and is licensed in California, and Nevada. As a direct hard money lender, we process, underwrite and fund all hard money loans in our office which saves our clients time and money. We understand real estate hard money lending and have a proven track record as an “A+” rated company with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rated lender on Google and Yelp. 

How It Works

1. Apply Online

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete our simple, online loan application in order to get the answers you need.

2. Get Approval

Within 24 hours of receipt of your loan application, we will provide you a written offer disclosing all terms in a clear, easy to understand manner.

3. Loan Funded

In a matter of days, not weeks like most lenders, the loan is funded through escrow and funds wired to you directly.

4. Pay Monthly

You make monthly payments to us via mail, phone or direct deposit.  It’s that easy.

What We Lend On



Fix and Flip

Single Family Residence

Condominium / Apartment

Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex

Office and Retail


Storage, Hospitality, Industrial

Complete Rehab


Buy and Hold

Why Hard Money?

What does an individual or company do when they need a loan and the bank says “no”?   Borrowing from traditional sources like banks or other financial institutions is becoming near impossible due to strict, unrealistic guidelines.  Even if you are approved it could take months and mounds of paperwork until the loan is funded.Sunset Equity is a direct hard money lender that has the unique ability to look beyond a borrowers past circumstance and focus on the equity in real estate to fund their hard money loan.  For us, poor credit, a prior bankruptcy or even foreclosure to us are simply hurdles, not roadblocks.   We are able to think “outside the box” in order to help provide you the hard money loan funds you need in order to meet your goals.

From a single family residence to a large commercial power mall and a purchase or refinance, we can help.  Our immediate access to capital and streamlined loan process has allowed us to fund over $250M in hard money loans for thousands of borrowers and brokers.  We have a proven track record and the experience to know that listening to what the clients wants and needs are leads to a successful transaction.  Feel free to contact a decision maker directly by calling, chatting or emailing us when you are ready.  We are confident with what we can provide and will be here to answer every question you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based financing where a borrower receives funds secured by equity in real estate.  A California hard money lender like Sunset Equity is mainly focused on the equity in real estate as opposed to borrower credit and financials. Our hard money loans are used for projects lasting anywhere from one to three years.

How long does the loan process take?

Because we are a direct hard money lender, we typically can approve loans in 24 hours and fund loans within 7 days from initial contact.  Our automated hard money loan process and direct access to capital allows for quick decisions and funding.

What if I have a low credit score?

Sunset Equity focuses mainly on the equity in the property to secure the loan so we are able to look beyond borrower past circumstances.  We will make every attempt to structure a hard money loan and work directly with you to ensure you get the funding you need at the best terms possible.

How do I apply?

It’s simple.  You can either complete our online loan submission, email or call us directly.  We find it is easiest to talk through your loan scenario as we can determine in a matter of minutes, once we have a few simple questions answered, if we can help.

What types of loans do you do?

We fund hard money loans secured by residential and commercial real estate for business purposes only.  This includes purchases for investment properties and loans for business use (payroll, inventory, etc.).  As a direct California hard money lender, we also fund bridge loans for 12 months or less.  Contact us directly with your scenario to see if you qualify.

How do I know what my rate will be?

All of our California hard money loans have fixed, interest-only rates starting at 7.99% but are subject to a variety of factors.Sunset Equity needs minimal information from you in order to provide you a written offer.  It’s fast, easy and FREE to apply so start now.

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