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Flip or Flop?

Flip or flop? What to know about buying a flipped house.  With all those shows on TV about fixing up old houses and flipping them for a profit, you may be wondering whether buying a flipped house is the right route for you. The reality is that flips aren’t for...

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Buy and Hold Investing

It is important to know that buy and hold is very different from fix and flip. This is because investors purchase properties that they hold onto for the long term and have no exit strategy. Investors will purchase a property, fix the property, and then rent it out....

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Fix and Flip Investing

When you are deciding between whether to fix and flip or buy and hold, it all comes down to your skill set, interest, and investment horizon. Fix and Flip Investing:   Get Rich Quick   The quick turnaround and increase profit is one of the main reasons fix and flips...

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7 tips for beginner fix and flippers

One of the keys to being successful in real estate is spotting properties that have potential and fixing and flipping them before your competitors do. This is a great way to maximize your returns on investment. However, while seeming like an easy job, fixing and...

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Millennial Homebuyers: Top Concerns & Tips for Success

After an almost 12 percent increase in median home prices over the last two years, many California homebuyers are discouraged by the idea of saving for a home. In fact, a study by Redfin found that 50% of millennial homebuyers’ top concern is having enough money for...

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Sunset Equity Announces Move to Silicon Beach 

New office accommodates growth of its multiple lending divisions and new lending products    Los Angeles, Sept 15, 2018- Sunset Equity, a nationwide private lender specializing in fix & flip and construction loans has relocated their headquarters to a new office...

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Tips Before Investing

Tips Before Investing Over the past decades, real-estate investing has become one of the most popular ways for Americans to passively or actively grow their level of wealth. With the stock market consistently improving over the last few months and the housing market...

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The Importance of ARV

The Importance of ARV When starting the process of fixing and flipping houses, many questions quickly arise. This issue is one faced by everyone venturing into the new marketplace. How much money will be loaned to me? What will the interest rate be? Will my rehab be...

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Where do I find my funding?

Are you interested in beginning to fix-and-flip houses for profit? If you are, in fact, interested in entering the growing marketplace for flippers, you must have a lot of questions. Unless you have caches of cash stored away, one question stands out as particularly...

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